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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  CBS  January 26, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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tuft. im: he could go for it if he got the perfect drop. >> kind of settled a little. i am not sure if that is perfect. jim: looks like he can get whatever he wants on that one, doesn't it? nick: yeah. but it has gone cold out there now. >> 255 to the front. >> if he is thinking it is there is the famous scripps hospital to the right. i think they have a psychiatric wing. jim: that body of waterfronting the green is there.
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his countryman. i don't know if bruce appreciates the fact that he always gets brought up here when he took 10 on this 18th hole back in february 1975. six wipes from the hazard and a one-putt from 20 feet to put a 10 on the card. but his career was a good one, druce devlin. winning an australian as an amateur. ight wins on the tour. >> it appeared reason has prevailed. jim: he is not go to flirt with it. >> if you are going to have something named after you, it might as well be a billabong. jim: how come we don't see any other ones on the tour, david? >> there is a lack of australians making 10. >> that is what it is. jim: and jordan spieth with his
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second shot. a lay up also. not a good one. nick: his mind has gotten scrambled. > this little guy just learned . you don't want to go towards the pavement. not quite yet. not at 11 months. >> 210 yards to carry the water. he has a 4-iron. jim: 323 off of the tee. the second longest of the day. >> he hit a superb shot. it is one heck of a swing. wow. that is a long 4-iron.
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jim: you would have loved that one in there with yesterday's hole location. nick: that was perfect. but he is another one walking up shell-shocked. he cannot believe what happened. i thought it was great scrambles in the middle of the round and one really bad swing on 17 tee. jim: you remember that there is one swing left to influence things. remember what happened here to in 2011 when phil had hole it. and back she came but not nough. bubba ended uptaking that title.
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i wonder if leishman's caddie will be sent up to do the same thing? surely he saw that effort by phil. that was three years back. what is it looks like yardage wise there david? >> i am noture that he can carry the water. really. it is lying against the grain. it is on the ground. six inches of grass. nick: you are talking about spieth? >> sorry. i was talking about jordan spieth. leishman's lie is fine. he can toss it in there behind. shouldn't spin it too much on a day like today.
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there is no breeze into it. nick: he has 100 yards, exactly. jim: peter kostis and our greg parker are there with scott stallings showing him this shot right here off of the monitor. ere we go. egood effort. it has the speed to get down to the hole. what a great try. jim: unbelievable. but scott stallings will take the title. ictory number three. . s wife, jennifer big high five there for john
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yarborough. leishman had some fun with it. he knew he had to hole it. here is how stallings found out. is ball was spinning back. there is his buddy, john. let's go to peter kostis. >> thank you jim. i am here with our champion this year, scott stallings. sometimes you win tournaments with ball striking, sometimes with putting and sometimes you just get it out and use a great short game which is what you did today. >> yeah. i drove it very poorly. >> be careful. >> and i hit some good ones coming down the stretch. i hit a really bad one on 17 and managed to make a really good par. 18, john my caddie said you worked your butt off for this. hit a really good drive. hit a 4-iron as hard as i possibly could to get it over the front and it barely stayed. it is pretty cool. it hasn't quite set in yet but
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it is nice to hold up coming down the stretch. >> i interviewed you after your first win at greenbriers. you had the masters penciled. you are going back there now. >> the pencil is still in my yardage book. good ow i have a really buddy. i actually played with him this past december. he said i hope to call your name again this april. obviously that is something on everybody's to-do has on the pga tour and i am excited to go back in april. >> well, congratulations on your good health and victory. we will see you at augusta. >> thank you very much. >> back up to 18. jim: thank you, peter. that is where scott and jennifer and fin live, in knoxville, tennessee. >> at the end of another great weekend in golf here in san diego, our final three at the
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farmers insurance open. first your 2013 pga rookie of the year from dallas, texas, jordan spieth. nick: in the gray corner. marc he australian, leishman. and from topeka, kansas, gary woodland. nick: in the blue corner. jim: that is scott yofee announcing things at 18. a big friend of the cbs sports family and important member of the san diego chargers family. public relations department there. here is a look at the updated fedexcup standings. stallings will move into 10th position with this victory. jimmy walker was here and missed the cut. he stays on top.
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oodland, eagle chip. it will be a share of second. and he found the bottom of the cup with that one. >> no fun at the fair. that was all sucked out of him ery quickly down 17. jim: i kept thinking all day long that jordan spieth would catch a little hot streak and make a run at this in the end. the 36-hole leader. ne back coming into the day. stumbled at 15 and 16 which erailed his chances.
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and he will make quick work of things here at the 72nd. a closing bogey. bogies on three of the last our holes. nick: well, he will learn all about tempo and balance and how important that they are. this on the final day. jim: woodland with a birdie putt would move him into a tie for sixth. still maintains a home back in
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lawrence, kansas. hat is his alma mater. nick: ooh, it was on the wrong side. that is a misread. kind of understand it when your brain is scrambled. im: 74 for woodland. and lastly, we will have marc leishman with a chance to gain a share of second. here you go. a round of 71. five players tied for second. leishman and day and perez and
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choi and delaet. but the champion here is scott stallings. his third victory on tour he won in 2011, 2012 and now he has an early season victory this year. for sir nick faldo and all of the team, jim nantz saying so long. we will see you next week for the waste management phoenix open.
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while the motive remains
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unclear. meanwhile the families deal with their pain. >> you never think that it'll be you. >> the family is devastated. good evening everybody, i'm surae chinn in for bruce johnson tonight. thanks for joining us. we begin with new information on the terrible shooting that unfolded at the shopping mall in columbia. police have identified the gunman as the 19-year-old of college park. howard county police have just wrapped up a news conference and our anny hong begins our team coverage joining us live from columbia with the very latest on the suspect. andrea? >> reporter: some disturbing new details have emerged then as we have confirmed them this evening. one of them is that the suspect kept a journal in which he expressed the unhappiness with his life.
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no indication that he might do something like this. they were among the items that the investigators seized from the college park home along with computers. we know now that they had no criminal history. either as a juvenile or as an adult. as you mentioned he is 19 years old with no mental health history. and still no motive has been established by police. there had been speculation that the gunman knew one or both of his victims. police say that notion is simply frustrating families, and they ask that it not be shown on through the speculation. and we also know that the syrian bought the gash legally in montgomery county. we have confirmed that he was a graduate of the high school in silver springs in 2013. we also know that he applied
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two and was admitted to montgomery college in february of 2013, but never enroll the and never registered for classes. we're working every possible angle for the suspect and his background again. three autopsies today according to police. and a very troubling story that we're working on, but still importantly no known motive. reporting live from columbia, anny hong, wusa9. and now this afternoon our partners at the radio interviewed by phone a woman who claims to be the shooter's mother. the woman would not give out her name and wusa9 has not been able to independently confirm her identity, but this is how the interview happened. a reporter was with the other media talking to the family friend in the car and in the shooter's neighborhood. that friend said that she was talking to the shooter's mother on the cell phone and put that woman on speaker.
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here is what the woman had to say. >> it's so unusual that you can talk to any one of their friends to find out what kind of a genuine person he was. i just don't know. she has never had a gun before, never been interested in guns, never been interested in anything like that. i don't know what happened. i just don't know what happened. i don't know what happened. i'm still feeling for it too. >> again this interview came to us from wnew radio. at this time we have not been able to independently confirm the identity of this person as the shooter's mother. we are also learning more about the young shooting victims tonight. we've got a live look now from outside the mall. just devastating here.
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>> reporter: surae, i went to tyler johnson's home earlier this afternoon and it is really hard talking to them. none of us could begin to imagine what they must be going through. but the family is strong and they wanted to talk to us. they wanted to tell us about tyler. the reality is still sinking in. >> it was a long, long time before we found out. i was actually on the second floor of the mall where he worked and to find out that it was in the store where he worked. and it kept narrowing down to us. >> reporter: the pain though is all too real. >> our lives would change forever. >> reporter: the assistant manager leaves behind a 2-year-
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old son and a family, who simply said right now they can only grieve. the family of the 25-year-old tyler who also lives in montana eerie talked to us about how they want him to be remembered. >> he was a very positive friendly good person. very good person. >> reporter: tyler also worked at zoomies, but spent time volunteering at a non-profit recovery center. >> i'm proud also of tyler because he was a helpful guy. he was reaching out to help others. i feel like he left a legacy. >> reporter: a legacy his family plans to continue and honor with strength from tyler. >> i'm just glad that, you know, we're strong. thank god for that.
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and she strong, so we are strong too. >> reporter: his dad released the statement which said that we have lost a kind positive son, who reached out to help others in need, making a difference. live in columbia, wusa9. >> thank you. the shooter lived half a mile. the neighbors say they didn't really know him. they were stunned to learn that the mall shooter lived right next door. >> it's kind of messed up is all i could say. they didn't know the neighbor, the 19-year-old shooter. but certainly saw police search his home. >> about 12:120, i guess they
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blocked the street. they would walk up and down the street from 9:00 until 10:00 and i finally went to bed and heard all these doors opening and closing, there were more coming down the street. i've never seen so many policemen. we seized computers, documents, things that we will be going through over the next hours and days. >> reporter: the shooter only lived several blocks away from the female victim. howard county police, they are still trying to figure out the relationship between the two if any. >> we have not been able to verify any type of relationship at this point between him and either of the victims. we have not been establishing that there is not one. >> it is sad that someone snapped and decided to shoot people. it's not a way to solve your problems. >> that is awesome. their lives, you know, were wiped out. that's terrible. i'm 73 and i hope to be around
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a lot more years. but that's awful. >> reporter: here is what we have learned so far about the timeline. they show the gunman arrived at the mall, just after 10:00 a.m. on saturday, about an hour later at 11:15 a.m., the gunman pulled out a shotgun and began shooting in the skate board store. he fatally shot two employees before turning the gun on himself. they searched the entire mall overnight as they found two homemade explosives in the backpack next to the gunman. and the mall, meanwhile, they will be opening up tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. with the heavy police presence. and in other news tonight, it's a big night here at the grammy awards will begin at 8:00 with a live look at the celebrities on the red carpet. just when will the temperatures climb? just a little. just a little. erica is coming up later this year, i'm trying the protein thing
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well, you can see them tonight right here on wusa9 and we'll be following the local music professor no , ma'am -- nominated for the award. before that he spent 30 years as the director of the school in fairfax county. you can watch the grammies right here on beginning at 8:00 p.m. then join jan jeffcoat and derek mcginty as they lk to 94.7 in a virtual viewing party, immediately following the show. we need a break from this weather, don't we? >> i wish i could give you one, but we will see another arctic blast arrive. in our weather headlines overnight tonight, mostly cloudy and breezy and watch for the slick spots because we did get a few flurries and showers during the day on sunday. it'll be windy throughout the
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day on monday with another disturbance rolling on through. right now temperatures, they are actually above freezing in the beltway at 34 degrees. it's 27 in hagerstown. 28 in frederick as well. you can see here on satellite and radar that one little pocket that will move through with the flurries and the snow showers and another one on the way. that one has the arctic blast behind it, which will bring us the windy conditions during the day on monday. the winds will be stiff out of the north and then on tuesday, it will be really, really cold and with another bone-chilling day here in the metro area. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy. breezy and late with the winds becoming southwesterly. so it won't be too bad overnight tonight. the temperatures in the 20s, though we will cool into the 30s. it'll start to get blustery too. but in the afternoon, that's when we are really going to
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feel that shift with mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures, they will start to fall as well after reaching the early afternoon hours and the north winds are at 15 to 25 miles an hour. green alerts for the next three days, but boy will it be cold on tuesday with a high of 20 degrees. 26 on wednesday. take a look at your seven-day forecast with the highs remaining in the 30s through friday. >> thank you, erica. well thanks so much for watching. you can get updates any time on watch jan and derek
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: if there is a face in the failures of treating mental illness, it may be senator creigh deeds. his scars are from a knife wielded by his own son. >> he had determined that i had to die, that i was an evil man, that he was going to execute me, and then he was going to go straight to heaven. >> pelley: like deeds, thousands of parents have nowhere to bring their children in crisis but the emergency room. >> we have 52 psychiatric beds here, and right now, all 52 are full. >> one, two, three. >> opportunity starts with me!


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